Adult Turnkey Home Based Business Opportunity Scams & Myths Exposed

Please do yourself a favor and read this before purchasing any Adult Turnkey Work From Home Website. You will be more than happy you did.

Adult Turnkey Work From Home Based Business Scams & Myths Exposed Saving You Thousands.


1.Profit Charts Are Scams. Do you really think the Turnkey Adult Business is so simple you will make $1,500.00 or more in your first month in your Home Based Adult Business? If this business were that simple why would they sell sites to you? I wouldnt!!

2.Testimonials. Who writes these? They are not true!! Who writes things about your web design company when things have gone very well? Nobody does. From over 12 years in the adult design business I know very well that people only write about you when they are not happy.

3.Hosting Scam. Why should you be charged a Hosting Fee for the 1st month in business? A Professional Web Design Company should provide the first month for FREE. Why dont they? Many charge $50 per month up to $250 per month. Why?

4.Updating Content. Content should be updated weekly. Constantly adding content only makes sense to increase revenue by recurring billing. Many turnkey design companies get your money upfront and have no reason to update your content. Updating content costs money. Why would they waste their money once they have yours? It wouldnt make sense for them to update your content since it costs money for them to do so and they dont make any money on the backend for doing so.

5.Marketing Tools. Do you even understand these tools? Are you left alone to utilize these tools without any guidance at all? From what we have seen in our research you are left alone to try and use these. Whether it is buying traffic, banner exchanges or charging for site submissions, these all cost money and are a joke. These tools do not make you money but they sure as hell make the design company a great deal. Usually they take in more money from this marketing crap than they do from the design of your turnkey adult website. A good Adult Work From Home Turnkey Business is going to provide at least the initial Hands On SEO and is going to be on call for questions, concerns and guidance.

6.Dont show full sample sites. If the company does not show you full sample sites with many FREE Preview Clips run like hell. Dont you want to know what you are buying? What are they hiding? If you would not join up for your own adult turnkey site why would anyone else?

7.Incentive to assist you in making money. Shouldnt there be one? Many of these adult turnkey design companies have no incentive we know of. We call them Front Loaded design companies where they get your money upfront and then they dont seem to know you anymore. They should be a Back Ended turnkey design company where the majority of the money they make from you comes from them assisting you to make money.


8.The adult industry is saturated. Not exactly. Just like any business you need to choose a specific targeted market and produce the best product. Micro Niche Specific Markets have minimal competition. No saturation here. New niche markets are created everyday.

9.People say they wont invest in the adult industry because they are late to the game. People say this all the time regarding stocks and have been proven time and time again to be very incorrect. The biggest risk of all is not taking one. This is so very true. People that sit on the sidelines and wonder what could have been go nowhere in life. But please understand this is a long term business just like any other and making money takes time.

10.There is too much FREE Content out there. If you are talking about the blonde haired blue-eyed girl I might agree with you. If you are talking about Micro Niche Specific Content you couldnt be further from the truth. Tube sites are the ones that provide most of the FREE content today but they are a dying fad in the adult business. The whole business model was flawed from the start and even the largest of these are having serious trouble making money any more. They will become dinosaurs and die out just like any other fad does. As their advertising money dries up so will they. Granted this may take some time but will happen nonetheless.

11.Need tremendous startup money. No you dont. You can Start A Quality Adult Home Based Turnkey Business for around $400.00 with Free Hosting for the first year. Shop around.

12.100% of revenue goes to you so the promise goes. This is a half-truth. What is your cost? Is the site quality HD niche content that will convert into cash? Ask yourself if you would not sign up for your own site why would you expect anyone else to? The average payout from some companies is as little as 40% when you count costs. 60% is a good number for turnkey adult websites with niche specific content.

13.Most expensive site is best. Least expensive is worst. This is what most turnkey design companies want you to believe but this is far from the truth. Price does not mean quality though we all seem to be programmed to believe this. I am not sure what idiot taught us this but someone must have unless it is just human nature. Who knows!!

Web Design Southend Is The Most Effective Form Of Advertising

The most discussed subject and most explored about tag is no other then physical wellness and fitness. The international populations are going insane over building up their wellness and fitness levels and increasing their healthy routines. No matter what it is or who thought of the idea, once it is released that a particular exercise or food or diet program can make immediate difference to your physical wellness and fitness individuals easily agree to this fact and they actually begins to adhere to it. But where do they get the news and information? The World Wide Web and online search engine makes it possible. It’s said a person on average spends 4.4 hours a day surfing the internet. People go through websites and flows articles related to wellness and they adhere to what is written or they try to discuss them within the group.

Individuals have considered their areas regarding Wellness and fitness areas such as weight-loss group, diabetic issues group, fitness boards, sports boards etc. These boards and areas is nothing but a system where individuals accumulate and discuss their opinions and top category concepts to stay fit and healthy. Newest articles and information relevant to health is released consistently and a large amount people have helped from that. Not only do they follow but they even discuss with others and make them participants of this group. Latest information is essential in areas of a healthcare web design Southend. This creates great deal of belief between you, a health care expert, and your sufferers or guests. The best web design in Southend is those where guests keep coming over and over again for information on different techniques, various factors of a process, treatment and so on. Those are the websites, where your patients believe in for you as an experienced. It is essential that you keep your web page up to date with all the newest information in your healthcare industry. It will help you to develop your product attention and name while you can concentrate on other things at your office.

Advices on nutritional value, calorific principles, supplements, natural vitamins, and recuperating from accidents and illnesses are given immediately. Hence to create such attention among the individuals variety of websites for osteopaths is designed which provides excellent and excellent subjects on physical wellness and health and fitness content. There are many internet members who stay on the internet and have helped by reading such content and they even provide their on the internet reviews so that other member can also get the advantage of the same content. One such website for osteopaths, where a exclusive world of physical wellness and health and fitness content and news have been designed and it provides you with solution of the problems of individuals related to conditions and illnesses, it also gives latest information about any research performed on medical concerns and drugs.

Exclusive Web Design Format And Concept

Online business considers web design to be an integral part of it. The ideal and easiest way of earning online is by creating websites which can promote products of any company including other companies, who pay commission for reference to the customers. However, what is important is the issue of designing a website which is attractive for drawing more customers. The solution to this problem lies with the hiring of a truly good designing service which actively helps in developing and maintaining the site.

It is always a great idea to hire an expert for conducting all the works related to complex designing. But learning the basics of a design also is very important. To begin with, it is necessary to get educated in the designing format and gather experiences for operating computer and computer based programs. Even online marketing is not possible, if one is not well versed in computer designing and web design and development. When one will learn computer operation, then the concept of designing will be totally easy.

For web design, HTML, JavaScript and CSS are required to be researched extensively. These are the most important languages used in designing process. Understanding them and other file structures which are associated with these websites will enhance this entire designing process. Moreover, learning the techniques of image editing and the way those images help in enhancing these websites help in creating an effectively designed website. Web layout, CSS, navigation, image editing and web languages enable people to understand designing.

This is the foundation or base of any website. There are many programs on designing which helps in creating a good web design. All these programs help in developing and building effective websites. These programs also include some web templates that help in modifying or using a website. The web language may seem to be difficult at the first instance, but with effort and time, a basic website consisting of no problems can be created for designing. The complicated site needs to hire professionals for building a suitable design.

In order to develop a proper web design, it is the education or training adopted for the purpose which modifies the sites. Through this concept of trendy designing and dynamic contents including videos, images etc, more customers automatically get attracted to the site. The development and progress of the internet as a result increases and encourage opportunities for creating a stable platform for developing major business sectors.

Mobile web designing is dominating the world of web designing.

The era of smart phones has completely turned over the definition of technology. Nobody had imagined a few years back that mobile technology can develop to this extent that it can become an inevitable part of social and professional life. People depend on mobile phones for everything from communication to entertainment, to keep records, reminders and now for searching places and products as well. Mobile banking, mobile shopping, mobile applications have added more fuel to the fire and now life can not be imagined without mobile technology. The online businesses have realized the importance of mobile web and now as per the data, 1/5 of American web user is accessing it on mobile phones. In short, the mobile phones are the easiest way to reach to your customer and convince him or her to buy your products. The primary reason of popularity of mobile web is that customers need not to read bulky content or surf through numerous search pages. The mobile directories of Google as well as mobile website and mobile web applications are such easy to view and use that visitors love to play with them. At the same time, the mobile friendly websites say their thing in such a crisp way that one needs not to scroll down much or to navigate to other pages for complete information about the products. On a mobile web app, person views only the product image accompanied with related information in bullets and the message of the entrepreneur has reached successfully to the customer. Creating such piece of cake websites is the job of experts who know their customers and their preferences. The mobile websites are required to be highly intuitive and responsive in the galloped manner. A web design company India possessing rich experience in designing and developing mobile web apps and mobile friendly websites can better understand the need of the hour. At Miracle Studios, hundreds of mobile web applications are designed and developed everyday. Being a professional mobile web design company India, we believe in creating something innovative and unique that is original and intriguing. We would love your customers playing with our created applications, visit us at

Abbreviations Used in Web Design pt1 – HTML & CSS

The following article offers a beginner’s guide to some of the key acronyms and abbreviations used in the world of web design and web development. As with all industries and sectors, esoteric jargon can be a barrier preventing many people from fully embracing web technologies and all of the potential benefits that they can bring to businesses and individuals alike.


HTML stands for Hyper Text Markup Language and is the fundamental language of the web. Basically it tells a web browser what information to display on a web page and how to display it. To that end it can determine the structure of the page (and its content) as well as the formatting or styling (colour and size etc) of the page, although the latter are often controlled by style sheets instead (see CSS below).

The markup primarily uses tags, placed before and after each piece of content, to define what are known as elements. These elements can be individually defined and/or belong to (standard or bespoke) groups which can then be interpreted by the browsers. For example, a portion of text that needs to display as a paragraph should be preceded by a tag and closed by a tag.

The rules (i.e., syntax) that govern the use of HTML and what is standard mark up language are set by the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) so that website and browser developers have a consistent language to work with. The latest incarnation of HTML is HTML5, which is intended to meet the needs of the current media-rich, multi-device world of online content, although it is presently still under development. The latest HTML standard is HTML4.01.


The initials CSS stand for Cascading Style Sheets, but the term is often interchangeable with simply style sheets. In essence CSS is used to specify the style that would be applied to a web page or set of web pages including, for example, the positioning of elements on the page, colour schemes, background imagery and font formatting.

When used in conjunction with properly defined and identified HTML elements its primary benefit is that it allows styles to be specified only once, in one style sheet, and then applied to multiple elements across either one page or an entire site; rather than having to be specified individually against each occurrence of each element (of which there could be thousands). In short, employing CSS means that all pages on a website can follow the same styling theme using just one style sheet. In addition, the same web page(s) can even link to different style sheets so that it can appear with different styling depending on how that page is viewed. For example, one style sheet can be activated if the user is viewing the site on a mobile device and another if on a PC.

The cascading element of the name refers to the way in which the styling is applied to a particular element following a hierarchy of specificity; a style sheet could, on the one hand, tell the browser to display all hyperlinks as blue, but, on the other, tell the browser that all hyperlinks appearing in the footer element should be red. The result would be that, for any links appearing in the footer, the more specific instruction would take precedence and they would display as red.

Gaining an understanding of the terms HTML and CSS, what they do, how they work and how they interact is really the first step in understanding how web pages and sites are put together. In the second part of this article, the terms XML and CMS will also be defined and their role in web development explained.

London Web Design And Location – The Key To Your Success Online

London Web design handles the complete scope of components that include a Web existence. One particular fascinating style that ties design jointly is area. Place – we hear this expression ringing throughout the Web when talking about Web internet sites, especially in terms of search engine optimization or advertising and marketing area. Location and Location However, there is very little in your Web site that does not relate to location. It really is a critical aspect in from web hosting to web design, from social media marketing, to marketing.

London, as a location, offers solid assist in creating your Web presence. Look for web hosting service which is nearby in London, you can find a number of the downtown area datacenters that can hold small to big business needs. One is 3DG Web hosting service. A domain with a Community domain extension ( can be purchased from numerous registrars.

Additionally, there are many Web design businesses in London and areas that will provide Web professional services. If their address is local, when searching for a London-based Web design company, look to the company’s contact page to see. This will aid guarantee they have a vested curiosity in the regional London enterprise picture.

For Online marketing, you can look to the larger advertising and marketing networking sites discovered in Google AdWords or Fb, as these advertisers enable ad campaigns depending on particular demographics. But also check out advertising your web site and London Web internet site on web directories.

More generally speaking, if you care in London or any other location in the world, it is important to consider these next points when building your Web presence:

1. Domains – Place plays an important role in websites. In case you have a website sponsored as a subdomain having a website (e.g. then you are in shut closeness to many potentially main Web real-estate. Becoming strapped in to a larger sized group or group in such blogging sites will assist people see you and you see them. The other aspect of real estate property is actual, real estate property – the type with bricks and mortar – where by you can obtain a domain containing your region in the domain address, as an example, we might build a web site throughout the key phrases “London web fashionable”. If you service merely one location or place then it will help you brand your blog to exhibit your devotion for this region, whether it is a community, metropolis, state or province or even a land. You can even create multiple subdomains for each region that you serve, under a main domain, if you have a business that has multiple offices or locations across the country or around the world. It demonstrates your potential customers which you serve their nearby demands.

2. Website hosting service – This can be a lesser known factor that is frequently overlooked by people seeking Web internet hosting deals. Discover where your hold has their host web servers situated, many people tend not to spend some time to do that stage. They only try to find the cheapest selling price and cheapest price. By way of example, we use web servers which are found in London. IP address handles are considered in some research engines’ indexing, so using a community variety will help a little along with your search engine standing. If your Web host is located nearby, it can also be easier for you to get support.

3. Web Design – Place in Web design is focused on the visible property associated with a given Web webpage. In most cases, the best highly valued places should be devoted to graphics, advertising space and presented content. The most notable kept or best centre is definitely the common place for the Web site’s principal company logo that is accompanied with important navigational aspects, including the major menu and sign on types. Advertising and marketing space can also show up over the top rated, sides or base in the Web design. If, for instance, you commit the proper column of your Web design to exhibit Search engines AdSense promoting, then you will notice that Google will give you specific ads that, yes, are determined by your local area and/or the position of the consumer watching the ad. So if the user is in London, then they may well see ads posted for “London Web designers” as a key word, based on their IP address. It is important that the main content, and any highlighted content, be placed in clear and easy view for the user to scan quickly, though the location of content might seem like a given.

4. Web Information – In terms of your primary information you must take into account the spot of the content material on the page, so it is popular and readable. Spot is likewise vital for titles and contextual backlinks. For any information created for article and articles rotating, location is likewise essential, first for including in your keywords but in addition to the positioning of the back links to your site. Google search spiders will favor to see your backlinks at the very top and underside of your content.

5. Search Engine Optimisation – Search engines and other search engines now display outcomes depending on the viewer’s place (e.g. Yahoo Nearby), so it is vital that your Web internet site be properly designed and submitted to the principle search engine listings. Build a business account that identifies your location. This may ensure that your itemizing will appear with your neighborhood competitors and over those people who are not located in your area. Defining your local area in your search terminology will right away assistance to funnel community, targeted prospects in your internet site.

6. Benefit hint – Web Advertising and marketing – Paid for advertising relates to search engine optimization. Both huge hitters AdWords and Facebook ads the two provide powerful instruments to define and monitor your strategies. You are able to specify the regions and distinct places that you’d like to goal with the ads, and thus supplying you with specific reaches to your London web site.

Area, as an aspect of Web design, needs correct attention at all steps of Web growth. Continue to keep location in imagination from your domain enrollment to publish-launch internet search engine marketing and Web promotional initiatives. Whether you are located in North London or anywhere else in the entire world, place will play a significant position in the prosperity of your site.

Please visit to see full list of services to the London Area if you are looking for a proactive and multi-faceted North London Web Design Company.

Website Tenders Information A Client Should Provide For A Web Design Agency

The golden rule in any tender process is: information plus communication. For clients, this is crucial to selecting the best agency for the job. For designers it helps to ensure the most accurate quote. Even if you’re about to start a project, following this principle could mean the difference between smooth, successful delivery and a headache for client and designer alike.

Given the right information, a web design agency can determine exactly what’s required. Naturally, things may change during a website design project, but the more info given, the more likely an accurate fixed quote can be provided.

Similarly, good communication ensures that both parties understand what the goals are. For example, if you’re a client looking for video capability or a forum, make sure the web design agency knows this. It might take more work than you think.

For clients and designers it helps to have a checklist:

The basics:

A bullet list of required web pages (from home to every product page)
A design brief. Is a new logo required? Do any style templates exist already? Is there a specific requirement for colours/logo/navigation?
How concrete are the ideas/pages? Does the client expect to change the pages required during the project? Are they looking for additional consultancy?
How do the client’s requirements fit with a designer’s current portfolio is there some crossover? Does the client like any particular style? Can the client provide a series of links to sites they like?
Is the domain name already registered? If not, whose responsibility is it, and who is responsible for hosting?
Does the domain need transferred?

Functions, format and content

Who will source the images? A mistake that many clients make is assuming that web designers will always supply images for the site.
What about text and other content?
If the client needs blogs, video functionality, a secure database, a shopping cart or any other special feature, this needs to be noted.
Is any advanced SEO needed? Such as link exchange, content generation etc.

Timeline and changes to plan:

– Work out a series of key delivery dates for draft design ideas, beta website and launch.
– Similarly, the client should provide dates for providing content, confirming designs etc.
– To avoid any bad feelings (or worse) further down the line, it should be made clear what the costs are (whether by hourly rate or similar) for amendments and changes to the brief.


Does the client need frequent updates?
If so, does the client need training in how to operate the host account/CMS?
What about regular SEO reviews (such as adword campaign monitoring) and website analytics?
Who’s responsible for security updates or updates to the hosting software etc.

A few extra details:

If you’re a client, it’s worth remembering a few additional points:

All browsers display sites differently. There is no site on the web that displays the same in all browsers.
Designs look different on screen than they do on printed paper.
Every site should be accessible this is not only important from a usability and navigation point of view, but it’s a legal requirement to ensure that your site can be used by people with disabilities such as visual impairment.

This list is by no means final, and different sites require different approaches. However, after hundreds of tenders and successful project deliveries over the last fifteen years, OBS-Group has learned that following these steps can result in a far more accurate quote, not to mention a better website in the long run.